MEMS & Microfluidics LAB

زدایش مرطوب
Wet Etch Station
February 3, 2017
مگنترون اسپاترینگ
Sputter Coater
February 3, 2017

MEMS & Microfluidics LAB

SATALAB’s  MEMS & Microfluidics LAB System is an excellent multifunctional

coating, lithography and etching system for MEMS/NEMS or Microfluidics purposes.


1 Body Material Polyethylene
2 Fume Hood for Hazardous Gases
3 Lithography Station Refer to Mask Aligner Section
4 Embeded Spin Coater Refer to Spin Coater Section
5 Anti-Acid Sink to Lock Etchant
6 Desiccator & Syringe Pump for Microfluidics Purposes

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