• پلاسما کلینر
    SATALAB offers Plasma Cleaning systems to remove all organic matter from the surface of an object. This equipment can be used by scientists in MEMS & […]
  • آزمایشگاه نانو
    SATALAB’s multifunctional Glove Boxes are sealed containers used to Spin Coat substrates and manipulate objects in an inert atmosphere.     FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS 1 Display 7″ […]
  • زدایش مرطوب
    The Wet Etch Station is a key part of a Micro/NANO production system. SATALAB provides anti-acid stations for scientific and laboratory applications.      FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS […]
  • میکروفلویدیک
    SATALAB’s  MEMS & Microfluidics LAB System is an excellent multifunctional coating, lithography and etching system for MEMS/NEMS or Microfluidics purposes.     FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS 1 Body […]
  • مگنترون اسپاترینگ
    The S3 & S7 series are the latest version of SATALAB’s nationally acclaimed, market-leading range of Sputter Coaters.     FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS 1 Display 7″ HMI […]
  • اسپین کوتر
    SATALAB offers reliable and maintenance free Spin Coater system especially for lithography applications, research, development and more.   SATALAB’s spin coater system is a family of […]
  • ماسک الاینر
    User friend and easy to use with small footprint; SATALAB’s motorized mask aligner is a perfect system for laboratories and small volume productions.   FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS […]
  • گلاوباکس
    SATALAB’s high efficiency Glove Boxes give you ultimate control over your chamber’s inner atmosphere.   FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS 1 Display 7″ HMI 2 Body Material 304 Stainless […]
  • لیتوگرافی تماسی
    SATALAB offers an economic lithography system that uses aligned radiant energy to transfer image of a mask in contact with wafer.     FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS 1 Display […]
  • پمپ سرنگ
    SATALAB’s Syringe Pump are used for small and precise infusion or withdrawal of liquids in precise or Microfluidics applications.     FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS 1 Display 7″ […]
  • میکرو پوزیشنر
    SATALAB’s Micro Positioner system provides high precision 3 degree Micro Positioner on straight motions of X, Y and Z axes to place probing points on substrate.  Analysers […]
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